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Episode Summary

Episode 11 of the modern Chemistry podcast is a wide-ranging interview with the self-declared ‘Scientist, less as a chemist’ Stephen Hilton, Associate Professor at University College London, School of Pharmacy. Steve uses 3D printing, virtual reality and accessible automation to support his research. We talk about the benefits of these tools and how they have the ability to open up scientific research, especially in the field of flow chemistry.

Episode Notes

During the show, ee mention Kevin – Dr. Kevin Lam, a previous podcast guest on episodes 5 and 6 – accessible at . Again, Thanks to Kevin for making the connection to Steve.

You will hear the following terms used during the interview.  I’ve included some descriptions and links to deeper reading. 


If you want to connect with Steve, or find out more about what he does, you can find him on LinkedIn at:

I would recommend following Steve on Twitter to see many of his amazing 3D printed and VR projects, along with the Lobster Thermidor we mention at the start of the show. On twitter, Steve is @hiltonlab -

You can also find Steve’s lab website at


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