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Nessa Carson – Chemistry with ROBOTS!

Episode Summary

For episode 3 of the Modern Chemistry show, I interviewed Nessa Carson, (@SuperScienceGrl on Twitter). Nessa currently works for a pharmaceutical company in the UK, in high throughput Chemistry and has previously worked for AMRI in a similar role. We discuss how robots have helped her in her work, but also how interdisciplinary modern chemistry needs to be.

Episode Notes

During the discussion, we mention a few terms-

If you want to connect with Nessa and hear about what she’s doing, you can find her:

@SuperScienceGrl on Twitter -

On LinkedIn at

You’ll also find a number of articles she has written if you head over to, such as her articles on “Am I really a scientist”or“How many papers do you read a week?”

We also talk about another great Chemistry account on Twitter - @chemjobber – “The king and emperor of chemistry twitter” for more information on chemistry job markets.


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