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Kevin Lam – The Electric Chemist (Part 1)

Episode Summary

For episode 5, which is split into two parts(episode 6 next month) of the Modern Chemistry show, I interviewed Kevin Lam. Kevin’s research interests focus on the applications of electrochemistry, in particular working on the fields of organic electrochemistry, organometallic electrochemistry and medicinal electrochemistry. The discussion with Kevin covered so much ground that I felt it made sense to split the discussion across two separate episodes.

Episode Notes

Kevin completed his Ph.D. studies at the Université catholique de Louvain (Belgium) in 2010 and since then has held research roles at universities in the USA and Kazakhstan.He is currently a Reader in Medicinal Chemistry, based at the University of Greenwich, at their Chatham (UK) campus – where we recorded this episode. 

You will hear the following terms used during the interview.  I’ve included some descriptions and links to deeper reading. 

If you want to connect with Kevin, or find out more about his lab, you can find:

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